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January 2023 updates


WordPress was upgraded to 6.1.1.

Plug-ins and themes

All plug-ins were brought up-t0-date. Co-blocks was updated at the end of the process as a new PHP version was required.

All themes were brought up-to-date.


For security reasons, PHP was upgraded to 7.4. This update had been delayed since the ZotPress plug-in, which is used extensively on several sites here, was not upgraded for compatibility until recently.

This update made it possible to update the Co-Blocks plug-in as well.

The PHP update was required in order to keep certain plug-ins updated as well as for security reasons.

Site identity

Since at least one of the sites now hosts users who are not part of the actual family—and given the amused reaction I got from one new user when he received the welcome message asking for registration confirmation—it seemed best to change the title of this master website to something more meaningful!1

Site theme

Finally, in the interest of improved aesthetics, the site theme was changed from TwentyNineteen to CatchySketch.


  1. The old name was ‘Control Top Secret Headquarters’ with a tagline of ‘123 Main Street’!

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