New category

Alright, fine. So I didn’t get back to my grindstone right away.

I was just about to do so and realized it might be good to categorize posts relating to configuration changes, so I created a category `Settings’ and updated the posts to date to reflect the new category. This should make them easier to find in future.

Now I’m REALLY gone!

A few more modifications

First, I enabled themes Twenty-sixteen and Twenty-seventeen for network use.

Next, I created a new sub-site at http:// where I plan to feature my research and findings (and, I hope, actual eventual progress!) regarding the building of a Locost (replica Lotus Seven) to be registered in Ontario, Canada. I realized while I was configuring that site that I hadn’t set the clock format here, so adjusted it to 24-hour clock.

Then, I added plug-ins Easy Footnote and Tablepress and enabled them for network use as well.

Now I really have to get back to the grindstone of preparing lectures for my class on ancient Egypt!!

Setting up

First attempt at setting up a multisite WordPress installation:

  • Uploaded the GB version of WordPress to the root and performed the usual 5-minute installation.
  • Edited the wp-config.php to enable multisite.
  • Installed multisite, and
    • in light of a warning, created a Wildcard DNS entry.
  • Added lines to wp-config.php as instructed.
  • Made hidden files visible in CPanel then added lines to .htaccess as instructed.

If you’re interested, I found instructions here: